Rokid isn’t just smart. She’s sensitive and clued in to your moods, and
her empathetic conversational responses seem almost human. Rokid frees you
from many of life’s tedious everyday tasks. And, at all times, Rokid looks after
your entire home environment, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

meet rokid

The brainy little personal assistance robot that’s itching to
make herself part of your family’s home and life. Rokid will…

Similar to Tony Stark's intelligent assistant Jarvis in the movie
Iron Man, you can control your household environment (music, lights,
and electronic appliances) by voice. Rokid keeps you informed of weather
conditions, news, and global stock markets. She can also be your
translator, capable of simultaneous Chinese and English
translations. Rokid makes daily functions simple.

With over six million high-resolution 320k music tracks
to choose from, Rokid has you covered. Say things like “Rokid, add
this song to my favorites” or “Rokid, I don’t like this song” and she’ll soon
adapt to your preferences, automatically serving up your favorite songs.
Over time, she’ll even begin anticipating your music mood.

Rokid makes adjusting indoor lighting, thermostats, air purifiers,
and other smart smart devices and appliances a total snap. Through her
API-enabled connectivity, Rokid is compatible with a growing range of intelligent
hardware, including Lifesmart, Broadlink, and Philips devices. Using only your
voice, you can now control all your smart home devices and appliances.

Because she’s such a good learner and able to understand context,
Rokid can not only recognize the personalities of individual family members,
but also remember their favorites and preferences. If you say, “Rokid, I don’t know what
to wear today,” she will suggest appropriate clothing according to current weather
conditions. Moreover, if you say, “Rokid, I feel blue today,” she will
automatically cue up an upbeat tune to help cheer you up.

Rokid will maximize your capabilities,
increase your efficiency, and transform your world.