During the Covid-19 outbreak, we added the infrared sensor to Rokid Glass 2. With this additional feature, Rokid Glass 2 can detect the temperatures of nearly 1000 people within 1 minute from 3 meters. The infrared sensor solution is useable in airports, schools, parks, workplaces, and other high-risk places.

Highly Safe

Rokid Glass 2 can detect temperature from a distance of about 3 meters and a maximum of 6 meters. The contactless detection reduces the risk of disease transmission compared to the traditional hand-held thermometer.

Highly Accurate

Using cutting edge uncooled focal plane infrared thermal imaging sensor, more than 100,000 infrared pixels, and deviation-rectifying AI algorithms, Rokid Glass 2 can accurately detect temperatures within 35.3 ℃ ~ 42 ℃ reaching a deviation within ±0.3°C for outdoor and indoor temperature readings.

Multi-Person Detection

The solution supports two modes: single-person and multi-person temperature measurement that can detect 10 people simultaneously.

Highly Efficient

The solution is equipped with AI algorithms and multi-point advanced thermal measuring technology. The device can detect temperatures within 0.2 seconds and nearly 1000 people in 1 minute.

The Advantages of Rokid Glass 2 Infrared Sensor Solution


First-person View

The result of temperature measurement is displayed in real-time. It will sound an alarm with voice warning when a high temperature is detected.


Lightweight and Comfortable

Rokid Glass 2 with infrared module weighs about 100 grams. The ergonomic design and heat-dissipation ensures long-lasting comfort.


Multi-use Application

Rokid Glass 2 offers object recognition, remote assistance, audio and video recording, and other functions that could be used for the frontline pandemic prevention.

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