Rokid Glass 2 offers superior AR solutions, including point inspection, operation e-manual, and remote expert applications designed primarily for field workers, which can successfully help industries reduce costs, enhance working performance safely and effectively. Furthermore, Rokid's hands-free voice-operated AR glasses can accurately detect voice commands up to 85 decibels in industrial working environments.

Remote Expert Features

- Multi-person Collaboration -

The system supports multi-platform users including Glass, smartphone or computer. All the users can start the collaboration anytime and anywhere, with high resolution video and audio connection.

- Screen and Camera Sharing -

All the users can share their camera view and screen with contents like operation manuals, videos, or other documents. Remote experts can provide assistance and help troubleshoot in real-time.


- Annotation -

Experts can make collaborative annotation on the content or camera view shared by the field workers and provide clear instructions on how to troubleshoot the issue.

- Whiteboard -

Users using a smartphone or computer can create a collaborative whiteboard to share ideas, which could be saved to view afterward. Users can enjoy changing the color and size of the brush, insert a reference image, and many other features on the whiteboard.


- Video Recording -

The whole process of troubleshooting on-site issues could be recorded to use as case materials for training or review to optimize working performance in the future.

The Advantages of Remote Collaboration System


Faster response time

• Connect anytime and anywhere
• Immediate expert support


Higher efficiency

• Downtime avoidance
• Minimize error rate


Lower costs

• Save travel costs and time
• Reduce labor costs

Application Scenario

AR solutions used in various industries

  • Automotive
  • Electric Power
  • Aviation
  • Rail Transport
  • Oil & Gas


AR glasses and remote collaboration can help decrease communication barriers between field workers and remote experts. Customers can enjoy higher quality and faster service even with the most complex issues.


Electric Power

AR glasses and remote collaboration can help field workers optimize work performance on the construction and operation of power grids while avoiding misoperations and potential safety hazards.



The assembly and maintenance of aircraft engines cost a lot of money. Field workers can use AR glasses and remote collaboration to minimize cost and errors, while effectively optimizing the assembly, maintenance, and repairment of aircrafts.


Rail Transport

The operation of high-speed train or subway follows a strict schedule. In the event of mechanical failure, the on-board mechanic can use AR glasses and remote collaboration to obtain information and guidance from experts to complete maintenance tasks quickly and accurately to stay on schedule.


Oil & Gas

In high-risk operations such as in oil, gas and chemical industries, field workers can use AR glasses and remote collaboration to obtain accurate instructions from experts to enhance operation performance, while avoiding accidents from happening.


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