Exhibition Solutions

Create a Unique Experience in the AR Space Beyond Imagination.

Rokid Glass 2 exhibition solutions aim to use AI and AR technology to create multimedia contents including images, 3D models, holographs, etc to expand creative possibilities for a unique experience beyond imagination.

For exhibition partners, we provide developer SDK and AR Cloud Platform to help create and manage innovative contents more effectively and efficiently.




Knowledge of cicerone varies


Virtual tour guide with vast knowledge

Limitation of audio guide


Enjoy rich content auditorily and visually

Cannot enjoy customized content


Personalized and interactive AR content

Limited space for content display


Time travel in boundaryless AR world

Full-stack AR Cloud Service

AI Engine + AR Content and Application + AR Cloud Platform

AI Engine

With Rokid Glass 2, visitors can enjoy using speech, image, and object recognition, and many other AI features. Rokid Glass 2 can recognize and track exhibits in real-time with deep learning technology.

AR Content

Rokid Glass 2 supports rich multimedia content including text, image, audio, immersive holographic video, etc. The interactive experience of voice, touch, and head control can transform traditional viewing into an unforgettable exploration.


AR Cloud Platform


Content Management

Managers can easily upload and manage multimedia AR contents or materials anytime and anywhere in the cloud platform.


Operation Management

The cloud platform provides AI technology to monitor devices and resources. It enables managers to find meaningful insights based on the analysis of data on visitor preferences, exploration patterns, and demographic attributes collected by multiple technologies.


Project Management

Managers can easily customize content, use-interface and features for each projects.

Application Scenarios

Science Museums
Enterprise Exhibition Halls
Urban Planning Exhibition Halls
Real Estate Exhibition Centers
Retail Displays

Use Cases

- Rokid Science and Technology Museum -

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