About us

Rokid specializes in the research and product development of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. With our mission being to “leave nobody behind,” Rokid aims to provide the ultimate user experience, superior products, and a robust open-source repository for the development community.

Rokid is backed by prominent investors which include Temasek, Credit Suisse, IDG Capital and CDIB Capital. Among its international staff of almost 400 employees are over 20 PhD’s and more than 100 MAs, which include prominent scientists, engineers, and business leaders with expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, software, hardware, and manufacturing.

The company’s products include Rokid Alien, Rokid Pebble, Rokid Mini, Rokid Me, Rokid Glass, and Kamino18 chipset solution. Rokid’s product vision is to leverage voice and vision AI technologies to create a smart assistant capable of improving the quality of daily life. Rokid Alien and Rokid Pebble were awarded CES Innovation Award in 2016 and 2017. Rokid Glass, an AI-enabled AR wearable device, was awarded CES Innovation Awards and selected by WIRED as being among “The Best 10 Gadgets at CES 2018.”

The Rokid Me Portable Smart Speaker, Kamino18 AI Voice Dedicated Chip, and new Rokid AR Glass were announced at the Rokid Jungle event on Jun 26th, 2018. Rokid Me is set to become the first portable smart speaker for the young at heart. On board is Rokid’s voice assistant and a 360-degree, far field voice recognition 6-microphone array capable of picking up voice commands from between 5 ~ 10 meters away. Its sizeable 4000mAh battery guarantees more than 8 hours of continuous use. Among Me’s impressive features is its ability to be manually rocked and flipped as a novel way for users to further interact with their music. With its stylish appearance and pure sound, Rokid Me is ideally positioned to become a must-have portable music device.

The Kamino18 is an AI-specific SoC chip. As such, it is distinctly different from existing general-purpose chips. No larger than a one-dollar coin, it incorporates multiple core components such as ARM, NPU, DSP, DDR, and DAC, thereby greatly improving the chip’s overall integration. Smart speakers and children's storytelling devices are two major product areas that are fully supported by Kamino18. The overall cost of the Kamino18 AI chip is 30% less than mainstream universal chip solutions, enabling companies incorporating it to produce more affordable voice-based smart products.

Rokid Glass, the company’s AI powered pair of AR glasses, embodies the perfect synthesis of Rokid's accumulated expertise in hardware design, optics, and artificial intelligence. Weighing just 120g, it represents a major step forward for Rokid in its ongoing focus on human-computer interaction technology. The newly-released Rokid Glass is set to go into mass production by the end of 2018.

The superior engineering and elegant design of Rokid’s products make them essential family additions and personal assistants. Rokid’s products seamlessly interact with users through voice recognition and non-verbal interaction, far-field voice recognition, and voice-print technology, artificial intelligence (and, in Rokid Glass’s case, image recognition) to ensure the seamless and natural adaptation to, and learning of, consumers’ habits and interests.

The cutting-edge design and technology of Rokid’s products emphasize premium-quality in every aspect - from software and hardware, to industrial design and manufacturing. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Rokid Corporation Ltd. was founded in July of 2014. Its branch offices include both a San Francisco-based Frontier Technology R&D Center (“R-Lab”), Beijing-based Algorithm Lab (“A-lab”) and, most recently, an office in Shenzhen which will function as the company’s dedicated hardware site.