Technology Revolutionizes the Future of Work Environments

We’ve built our AR/MR glasses to help you connect, interact and solve problems in a variety of mission-critical situations. Powered perception of nearly any environment promotes accurate decision-making and action-taking to get the job done.

Powered Perception of the Environment


Object Recognition

Real-time tracking/ recognition technology analyizes elements in the real world along with interactive augmented elements for use in a variety of environments—including factories, healthcare, field service, hospitality and much more.


Voice Recognition

Voice recognition services (local and cloud) enable users to interact with applications using voice commands—even in loud environments thanks to cutting-edge noise-canceling technology.


Image Enhancement

Our algorithms improve overall experiences with advanced contrast adjustment, superior color enhancement and excellent edge detection even in low-light environments where vision assistance is necessary.

AI+AR Glasses Empowers Field Service Workers

Check out These New and Exciting Use Cases

- Manufacturing -

Chilean Mining Company

Rokid Glass enables connectivity with hands-on training modules that include step-by-step instructions for mining engineers to gain instant access to realistic co-presence experts, hands-free document navigation and real-time annotation.

- Entertainment -

Formula One Racing

Rokid Vision creates an incredible 3D experience for F1 fans who want to feel like they’re right there in the action. Through comprehensive data collected via cameras on a race car body, users became immersed in Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying sessions in 2018.

- Medical -

Public Eye Hospital

Rokid Glass is improving quality of life for vision impaired people by increasing confidence in basic task performance (city navigation, stair climbing, visual searches, etc.), allowing them to live more independently. It’s also providing assistance with devising appropriate treatments for patients.

- Telecom -

Deutsche Telekom + MobiledgeX

Rokid partnered with Deutsche Telekom AG, MobiledgeX and forwARdgame to build a world-first active shared multiplayer game on AR glasses. The well-received Esports interface, driven by 5G and edge computing, ran on Rokid Vision MR glasses and delivered an exciting showcase.


Rokid Partners

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